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Nice to
meet you.

Iā€™m Aaron ā€“ a product designer living in Brooklyn, New York.

I was most recently the director of product design at VICE. I also worked with two small startups, a not-so-small tech company, and spent a few years living agency life. My broad experience makes me adaptable, I think.

Aside from work, I love to take photos, shake drinks, tend to my balcony garden, and continue to wait patiently for a successful Minnesota Timberwolves season. Sometimes I stream very, very old video games.

Good inspiration comes from experience. I try to stand often and spend time away from my desk. It helps.

About the website

My website is built with Gatsby ā€“ a React-based framework for generating static sites. As an exercise to relearn to code in 2021, I built the site from scratch (no templates!) with the help of Framer Motion and Styled Components.

Thanks for visiting.

I'm not currently looking for freelance or full-time work, but feel free to say hi.