Aaron Shapiro is a product designer in New York City.

Hey. Thanks for visiting.

I have over a decade of experience working on behalf of journalists, artists, and makers. Creative people make me happy. I currently work at Patreon, focusing on building blocks — design systems and product foundations.

Before Patreon, I led product design at VICE. I will work in news again some day — it's where my heart is. I've also worked with small startups, a not-so-small tech company, and an agency or two.

I'm skeptical of new technology. It's harder to do good than it is to do otherwise.

Work isn't my life. I ride a silly little folding bike. I love travel photography, shaking drinks, and tending to my balcony garden. Sometimes I stream old video games on Twitch. I will cry when the Minnesota Timberwolves win an NBA championship.

Good inspiration comes from experience. I stand often and spend time away from my desk. It helps.